Thursday, July 16, 2009

overdue library books

stuff to remember

the clean-i keep forgetting i like them. basic first wave punk/glasgow kinda sound (though no from glaslow or very punk) very simple, stripped down sound with fun melodies. the perfect thing to put on when not doing much of anything and you want to play something to ignore.

Capsule-japanesse pop/lounge at its finest (or the finest i can find chillin' here in america) bubbly and poppy with an air of going on vaction to some distant shore. they have a pretty good range of impala lounge to dance floor beats that have hard to find melodies.

st.vincent-actor. singer annie clark from brooklyn, was the guitarist of polyphonic spree. oh wow! shes really good! a sort of strange awe and eerie sounds undermask thoughtful and beautiful sounds. great voice, excellent arrangement, and amazing sound.

mos def-The Ecstatic. mos def is good again! not that he was ever terrible, but this album goes back to something that seems hard to obtain. it has a loud and rough sound (electric guitars blistering on top of heavy but smart beats) with honest, confrontational and insightful lyrics that dont seem to be intended to be marketed an mass distributed, but for something more. awesome

madeline-white flag. new madeline adams! though she is still only my age (or younger!) she seems to be resting comfortably into a more mature, relaxed sound. the album has a full band with piano and all, and has a much more southern country sound, but with the same beautiful melody and lyrics. a solid step in the a new, fun direction.

camera obscura-My Maudlin Career. new CO. still the same catchy tunes and wistful spirit of the the other albums, but this one with a lot of strings or almost ochrestra sound pushing the emotions to be a bit cheezy. will they ever find love? who knows!

The Marked men- ahhhhh!!!! so good! a modern punk/indie band that has a solid sound and a maturity or long ago, (but not in a snobby, im better than you, kind of way) its kinda like of ted leo was split into a few differnt guys who formed a band and untied together to bring out the awesome sound they have with in, but with no one front man.

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