Wednesday, August 20, 2008

flying fortress part 1., the skeleton for creating

hey all,
it has been a little while since my last post, and the past little while has been a little crazy! finished being an RA for my college, went to alaska to visit my brother and then went to San Francisco to visit one of my good friends and his girlfriend, then got back and 3 days later went to a party, talked to girls and got wicked drunk so i could wake up a few hours later to move to motha fuckin brooklyn! so we finally moved into our new place, me and two of my close friends. and its really wonderful, many good things will happen here.
so with all that happening, i of course spent tons of money, and little was on music, but there have been a few gems along the way.
the new-
a friend from school, ross who goes by Otis Surbernt, is some sort of distorted pop genius. very catchy songs with a solid understanding of how to make a living, breathing song, but with terrible (or terribly funny) lyrics. songs about fucking while your girlfriend is on her period, drunk driving crazy, the monster of frankenstien writing his creator a letter, and so on. his current project he is working in is called killer whale, look it up on myspace. i expect great things from him in the near future.

ratatat-LP3, the newest album from a band hard to classify, is now even hard to classify. seriously, this album is brilliant. it has a spooky edge, excellently composed and complex, and at times leave you wondering what if this is the first time you have heard these strange and beautiful sounds. its a huge step up from the last two albums, which are good, but this one is just really good. complicated synthesized guitars, layered over beats and samples and run through all kinds of adjusters. great fun.

ozomatli-self titled. this is an old album, i know, but i just bought it. the multi- ethnic band that does everything at once, and if they cant fit it all in one, they do it in the next. a mixture of salsa, latin, rock, hip hop, ska and shear energy. it is a constant party.

the old-
the pogues. so ive been listening to the pogues a LOT lately, (i find irish songs help me to get over ex girlfriends and breakups) and the beautiful drunken words of shane mcgowan from the pogues fits that bill. lyrics that touch the levels of great literature, and songs that blend old irish folk songs and modern rock come out perfectly from the pogues. they have the ability to give the listener almost no hints as to when the songs were made, with melodys and lyrics that have constant application to any time in history.

the cramps-dirty, sexy, pulp psychobilly from times long past. this is the kinda band that makes you feel really proud of your fetishes instead of embarrassed. pretty raw, basic rock and roll made exciting.

more to come when the next paycheck comes rolling in!