Sunday, October 19, 2008

night-of broken glass

been getting tons of new stuff. super fun! still have tons to filter through. in the mean time of figuring out my likes and not-likes-as-much, here is some new stuff ive been really enjoying.
Jay Reatard-singles 06-07, singles 08. just got 06-07 on vinyl today ( i had originally bought curtis mayfield but it was warped so i had to exchange it, dang!) but 06-07 is something im glad i have, since its one of my most favorites this year hands down. its like if scooby doo solved murder mysteries instead of busting guys in masks. frantic, nervous and catchy as hell. this guy is amazing.

shugo takumaro-night pieces. a japanese artist that i dont know too much about, but i do know is a technical genius. beautiful, floating songs that make you feel at peace with everything, even if you dont really understand. he had played recently but i was unable to see him, sold out show!, but my friends did go and got him to autograph his cd for me! super awesome! i read a review and he was described as a nuclear physicist playing with legos. pretty accurate.

other bands ive been enjoying
caribou, mouse on mars, jonathan richman, kemuri, and so on.

more to come later!