Tuesday, July 15, 2008

from lands

my buddy just showed me how to set up torrents (because i am have the computer savvy of a stupid fat baby) and i am officially having a field day. here are two things ive really wanted to lately and was able to find

first the old, Francoise Hardy. a french singer from the 60's in the style of Yé-yé. and man oh man is it fun. i think hardy's crisp, clean french words have rekindled my romantic heart. april march even does a cover of one of her songs. both versions are great in their own rights, but for very different reasons. Francoise Hardy brings a sense of nostalgia with out being melancholy for the most part.

and now the new, sigur ros, with Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. this album is for the most part more upbeat than their other stuff, which i really enjoy. this album is more for waking up to and less falling asleep to, like their past albums.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

honest records

so i saw damon albarn with artists from his honest jons record label the other night and it was amazing. the first big show of the summer, it was at the avery fisher hall at lincoln center. i hate having to sit for conerts and no one i knows listens to any of this music so i had to go by myself (it was so sad!) but the show was comletely brilliant. damon didnt do too much, but there was tons of amazing people playing. simone white stood out, need to get her cd i am the man, along with Afel Bocoum and Lobi Traore and tony allen and the hypnotic brass ensemble. i picked up Lobi Traore's album, which is a sort of bluesy native Mali music kinda sound. like is BB grew up in mali and was better.

was able to find the april march album paris in april, which is bitch to get a hold of. its good, there could be more songs since she does have two versions of most of the songs in french, and that doesnt really count as a new song really. but it's still good. it has the odd go-go 60's french style with a modern cool attitude. and she has a cute voice

the slackers came out with a new record! and it's way better than the last one. this album isnt under hellcat records, which leads me to believe they had more freedom to do it there way, and not hellcats, which is starting to go the way of epitaph. still, this album is more old slackers style with its delivery, but more old ska-reggae-jazz stlye song writing, so not as many catchy tones but more thorough. the songs from glen pine i was let down a bit though, i was hoping for more motown stlye ballads. oh well, next time maybe

and lastly, i finally tracked down a copy of the best of my phyllis dillon. old Jamaican soul singer for the 60's. a more motowny version of doreen schaffer. really good and the cd has almost 30 tracks.

thats all, havent been getting too many cds since im poor and even few records for the same reason. oh well, thats what used bins and ebay are for.
more to come when i get some new shit