Monday, February 23, 2009

fuck the ba-ba-ba-ba-bank!

more music for me to remember. i totally swear-

野宮真貴 (Maki Nomiya) - Lady Miss Warp japanese pop/lounge. super sweet sweeping sounds. this one of those things ive been looking for a while, a certian sound that sweets you in and give you a nostalgic feeling of a peaceful meadow on a breezy day. sweet j-pop lounge.

frances gall-baby pop. old french ye-ye on a simple, sophomoric, almost adolescent kind of sound. great voice, a little rough at times but really endearing. definitely the style of 1966 france.

dead to me-Cuban Ballerina. great punk rock with catchy choruses. very off with their heads with a bit more of a main stream appeal, in that really good way. these guys have their own thing going on despite the area of punk they are playing in can get a little muddy. very talented guys.

Coeur de pirate-self titled. french Canadian singer. fun, soft, a little sad at times, but in that "life is still good" kinda way. if regina specktor was consistently good, and you know, from canada. great piano player too. the kind of artist you learn about through your girl friend and end up really liking (which is exactly how i learned about her)

Asobi Seksu-hush. new album! great release, they have gotten a little more up beat and over all more appealing, the album has a stange start with jumping right in to the mess of the sound, still fantastic, this progressing. quiet lovely.

sam cooke-night beat. one of the very few "albums" by sam cooke before he left us. a nice step away from the tons of classic hits, this album has a bit more personal feel, a great look at the inner workings of a soul singer working out rhythms and sounds privately, but in a refined kinda way (no demo tapes here) not as poppy as his singles, you can really feel the influences from other music, his past, and his faith. awesome.

doreen shaffer-adorable. i have been trying to find this for ages, finally got my hands on the files. not too too exciting, but still what i was expecting for the queen of jamacian ska. pretty sure shes singing with the skatalites on these records, all the songs ive lost or have been searching for are on this, so while its not the longest album, it is very consistent, with lulls or flat songs. ska at its finest, most traditional sense.