Friday, May 9, 2008

woah! woah! woah!

some ive been graduationing for the past few days, almost done. having fun so far.

got a ton of new music in the past few days, which totally cure the dry spell i was having with new tunes. first up to bat...
the death set, a lo-fi, drum and bassy kinda band similar to japanather, they seem like the kid brother to serious and experimental punk rock. they are from baltimore, which is cool (i guess). their album world wide is to fun, frantic, surfy, and noise as well as short. a very DIY set up that sounds like the offspring of atom and his package and MIA.

headlights-some racing some stopping. indie pop rock effort designed for cold spring days. light, soft, and melodies all over the place. makes me think is sufjan stevens was in a band with other musicians and not vice versa. you can feel all the band members putting full effects on this sophomore album from Illinois. the album dies out a little in the middles but picks right back up. a good alternative to if you want to listen to something intimate with but dont want to go the the same band.

thats it for now, i have a bunch more albums to jot down here, but will do that later.