Sunday, March 30, 2008


softball, an all girl japanese punk band that started in the late 90's.
i learned about this band when i was in high school from a plea for peace comp and was hooked with that just one song. now heres the problem with liking japanese bands, getting their albums is a pain. either finding a us vender is impossible or you have to risk buying what might be the right album for 40 bucks. but luckily for me my friend had just gone to japan and was awesome enough to pick me up a cd from a laundry list of choice, and the third and final softball album was the last thing i would expect her to find. but she did and it is amazing!

the band is three girls, Moe, Haruna, and Rie, and where together for about 4-5 years i believe. they band broke up and some of them went off to form an even tighten punk band, akiakane, who are currently touring and protesting many things.
anyways, there are 2 softball cds you can get here in the states, their first album, tenku and an E.P. off Asian man records. (the song off of the plea for peace comp and thats on the album tenku "foreign land" was actually written by mike park, the guy who founded and runs asian man)
their album, (which i cant spell or pronouce) is a step up from their first, its cleanly produced where it needs to be, there seems for more fun and freedom in the song writting and theres some Australian dude who talks about the band in english through out the album. every time i find something new from there girls, im always impressed.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

do you wanna dance? sheena is the missle

hello! welcome to my music blog. ive made this blog so i can keep track of all the new music that i come across. i send the bulk of my time drawing and painting with the accompanied by Isabelle and Josephine (my record player and my ipod).

enjoy the party!