Sunday, September 28, 2008

break outs and break ups. sure

so this goes against the nature of this blog for me, (as it is only for me to catalog bands i like) but at this point all things considered, i feel its ok for my self to put up. so ive been working on a mix for myself. and as all mixes, its like breaking up, it takes ages longer than you thing. so in respect of that high fidelity reference at my current placement, here is a fairly decent break up mix ive made for myself. and with the art of a break up mix is not so much to make you feel sad about how you feel (all though that is very important) but its more about hearing others opening their hearts and to know others go through these sorts of things and feel similar and separate than you. anyways, here is the mix.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

good ol' fashioned nightmare

Hey all,
been a while since my last post, got a few new things to jot down and mention. so my ipod shit the bed a few weeks ago, and i was able to get a new one, but i lost all the music i had on it. luckily i have all my CD's but everything i got from friends and collected over the years was also on there, so you can imagine my frustration. anywho, im getting most of it back, and finding some new stuff i like along the way.

fleet foxes-so i just learned about this band and apparently they're really popular? im getting out of the loop! i stumbled on them by accident, and at first wasnt too impressed, now i cant stop listening! their self titled album has a beautiful, hymnal sound mixed with modern softer sounds like iron and wine and peter bjorn and john. the album has a very gospelly feeling, with smooth transitions and a great pulse for build ups and harmonies. seems to be the perfect thing to listen to at night.

joe dassin-Guantanamera. a great, old french musician from the 60's and 70'. these songs are a little less poppy than some of the other popular french sings that were coming out at the time, but they are just as beautiful and haunting. i first learned about him through the wes anderson film the darjeeling limited, and joe dassin definitely fits in there. a mixture of nick drake, Francoise Hardy, Van Morrison, and ray davies, but you know, french.

the hot toddies-Smell The Mitten. a seattle (i think?) girl rock twee band. in the vien of all girl summer fun band, but most of the songs are funny and about sex or boyfriends. so kinda alot like AGSFB. a bit more younger sounding with a great sense of fun.

in other music news, matt and kim have a new single out, good ol' fashioned nightmare, and it is really good. its stuck on repeat most of the time. look for new album "grand" soonish! (?)
more to come!