Monday, January 26, 2009

low blows are a thing of the past

oh my goodness, it has been forever since i last updated this thing. so heres whats new.
the softies-its love
talk about twee, the girl from AGSFB and the girl from tiger trap and go sailor. the duo make music that sounds like the name, super softy. no drums or keys or anything extra, very nice, simple guitar and singing, perfect for late at night when you dont want to wake up your roommates.

the stereo-three hundred
pop rock and roll that takes me back to high school mix tapes and awful car speakers. the guys from animal chin and the impossibles got together and made this band (in my opinion a little bit better than the other bands, but only by a little) and under fueled by ramen records. songs about girls, understanding what you're going through, and more girls. a tang of emo, garage rock and lots of feelings. great rhythms, and some piano ballets. wheres my anniversary hoodie covered in patches and pins?

best fwends-Alphabetically Arranged
two dirty kids from texas making super funky fresh beats with overly catchy beats and samples sliced up for something that you cant really categorize but can dance crazy to. i love these guys!

Vic Ruggiero-solo albums!
finally! ive been able to find these solo albums from the vic from the slackers. very new york folk/ska/blues style, feels like if bob dylan grew up listening to laurel aitken and prince buster, and, you know, wasnt overly popular and a house hold name (but that doesnt make him suck though, since vic is awesome!, also a nice guy, i got to meet him years ago at a slackers show)

totally michael-self titled!
ahahahaha! finally there is an album! this guy is the definition of fun! dancable pop sings coming from a DIY background. songs about being a kid, the prom and other awesome things, this is guaranteed to make you shake your butt.

heculese and the love affair-self titled- the singer from antony and the johnsons with some other new york based people, make a set of strangely cool, funky, new york noise/dance songs. it feels like stepping into a gay and lesbian club in the late 80's and feeling completely at home.

there have obviously been a ton of other bands ive recently been listening to, but i will have to write about them later. in the mean time so i dont forget, heres a list.
tiger trap
the max levine ensemble
the carrots
Marnie Stern
School of Seven Bells
France Gall
The Clean
Mummy The Peepshow
Off With Their Heads
Wayne Shorter
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

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i am so impressed you updated this!!